Dead or Alive

Executive Summary

Dead or Alive is an independent local beer and wine bar created by Christine Soto and Anthony Cioffi. Located in Palm Springs, it offers a highly curated selection of craft beer and wine. The concept is simple: people want a relaxing, inviting, well-designed place to choose a drink from a delicious menu of beers and wines. They want to talk with their friends and not worry what “night” it is. Wine and beer aficionados will recognize value and quality, and regular drinkers will enjoy some diversity from the usual beer and wine menu. Locals and tourists alike appreciate a quality bar where conversation is emphasized and the hours are steady and late. A bar that feels like home but has a better wine list.

To inquire about special events send an email to: christine @deadoralivebar. com


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Grand Opening Feb. 11th 2016

Frequently Asked Questions

♥ Question: Do you serve cocktails?
Answer: No, just beer and wine. Occasionally we will offer vermouth cocktails or mimosas.
∅  Question: Do you have food?
Answer: Yes, small snacks. Also we are next door to one of the best mexican food restaurants in Palm Springs, El Mirasol.
⚑  Question: Do you have something non-alcoholic?
Answer: Yes, fresh brewed tea, organic sodas, NA beer, and juice.
⚕  Question: Is your space available for private parties/events?
Answer: Yes. Please send detailed a message to Christine @deadoralivebar. com
☹  Question: Can I bring my dog, or my kid?
Answer: No.
☀  Question: Is there live music or 65 tv's?
Answer: No.